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Over the course of the pandemic, individuals have seen both a great loss of community and an outpouring of communal efforts to bounce back from adversity. This has, of course, gone to show the role that businesses make in their communities, as many of them donated supplies, created online events and more to bring some positivity to the world. 

But the pandemic isn’t the only instance where businesses have helped their communities cling together. They also play a role in the aftermath of natural disasters, in social movements and in other areas. Making your business more community-minded is a necessary task and a simple one at that. Discover some ways to do so below.

Link Up With a Charity

One of the most efficient ways to become more community-minded in your business approach is to get involved with charities in your town or city. Nonprofits already likely have deep community roots and a strategic plan for making a difference. By linking up with a charity, you’ll take away the stress of trying to figure everything out on your own and will be able to support a cause that already has a proven track record. Your business can decide to donate to this nonprofit or take a team-building volunteer day once a month to drive this initiative. By directly benefiting your community in this way, you’ll show a desire to help those in need and be a community staple.

Be Responsive

In some instances, adversity in the community also means adversity in a business. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic affected various communities, but it also had harmful effects on businesses. However, companies also took this as an opportunity to adapt and be there for their communities, whether that meant giving healthcare workers a discount, offering to-go services or curbside pick-up, feeding the homeless and more. It is difficult to predict when your community will face an issue, but you can garner interest in your business by being intentional in your community efforts during this time.

Teach a Class

Many people love filling their schedules up with unique activities. Depending on the type of business that you run, you can host community events and classes. Let’s say you own a storefront that sells plants. You could host monthly terrarium-making classes for a small price. This could be advertised to all members of your community, making it a great event to meet new people and create some interest in your small business. With whatever company you own, there are most likely various classes you could offer as a way to become more community-minded.