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Brook Lang Seattle

Professional Overview

Brook W. Lang is a GTM specialist who lives in Seattle, Washington. He is a senior-level tech executive who has run business globally on four continents. People who have worked with Brook often describe him as a results-oriented visionary, with an infectious high level of energy, and with an attention to detail that ensures product and service quality and success.

Brook cultivates high levels of trust and confidence with everyone he comes into contact with. Brook Lang Seattle has always been naturally charismatic and approachable, making him the perfect liaison for communicating between all levels of his industry – consumers, business partners, clients & customers, employees, financiers, C-level & board executives, and shareholders.

Another one of Brook’s many skills is his ability to inspire others. His contagious enthusiasm and drive have motivated hundreds of reps who yearn to consistently exceed both personal and professional goals. He is a seasoned Senior Level Technology Executive, and GTM Specialist, excelling at – Sales & Business Development, as well as at building Strategic Partnerships & Alliances. 

His innate ability to optimize business strategies for high-impact returns is impressive, given that he is able to excel in each of the sub-sections of the tech industries/solutions he’s been in such as public cloud platforms, B2B SaaS enterprise solutions, ad-tech & display advertising, mobility, electric autonomous vehicles (eAV) / Robotaxi, electric vertical take-off & landing (eVTOL), urban air mobility (UAM), transportation, telematics, mobile apps, Internet-of-Things (IoT), climate tech, Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS), Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), nation retail & consumer packaged goods (CPG), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), e-commerce, wireless telecom, satellite content delivery networks, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Global System Integrators (GSI/SI), IT & Management consulting firms, distribution.

Brook Lang Seattle has always been a proponent for just causes and the environment, and always runs his organizations and corp. divisions conforming to Environment, Sustainability, & Governance (ESG) standards.

 Brook Wester Lang’s responsibilities have covered sales territory quota’s in revenue acquisition north of $800 million and P&L accountability. He has managed and co-managed teams with more than 400 employees by modeling and mentoring sales hunter roles, and while consistently exceeding revenue quota.

Brook Lang Seattle always knew that the world of business was the path he wished to follow. He began his educational career at the University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business, where he earned his BA in Business Administration. He was especially drawn to and completed concentrations in marketing, finance, international business, and information systems. 

As the CEO of Montavo, Brook created cutting-edge online-to-offline digital, mobile, and television ad-tech solutions. He managed relationships with global wireless spectrum holding & cloud-based IP multicast satellite & terrestrial CDN Co. While doing this Brook was able to gather 200% of partner target for introduction to strategic company & or funding entities for capital round. Many of his days consisted of meeting with Ad tech and Consumer Payment industry ecosystem companies to complete full-featured solution sets. Brook Lang Seattle then took his expertise to Huf Group (SixSense) where he was the general manager of sales and business development in the Americas and Asia. With hard work and dedication, Brook raised enterprise sales quotas to 125-150%, exceeding revenue targets. He designed and executed the launch of global distribution plans to ISV and GSI with ARR models and targets.

 Brook Lang Seattle has been a speaker at high-profile industry events, has served as a company media spokesperson & has contributed commentary to leading trade journals. He has served as a Director or Adviser to numerous technology companies.

Check out Brook’s LinkedIn page here Brook Lang and another website,, to learn more!


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