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Human-centered design is a process that can help organizations achieve higher productivity and better culture. It can also enhance their branding and provide them with a powerful message. In today’s tech-centric environment, how can leaders create a workplace that’s focused on the people?

Prioritize inclusivity

A tech workplace that’s inclusive of everyone should be created to accommodate everyone regardless of their backgrounds or social factors.

In addition to making existing employees feel valued, we must also reach out to people of diverse backgrounds. This can be done through recruitment strategies that are focused on attracting individuals with varying experiences and backgrounds.

Provide autonomy

Instead of becoming a lonely endeavor, tech should be made more human-centric by providing employees with autonomy. This means that they have the freedom to innovate and experiment.

A report by Gartner stated that providing employees with autonomy can improve their performance and lower their fatigue levels.

Gives team members an option to choose

While there are not always roles that are as flexible as others, when possible, giving team members the ability to complete their tasks as they wish can help them reach their goals and improve their performance. This encourages them to gain and use their skills as well as further their overall career goals. 

Welcome feedback

A workplace that values the perspective of everyone is a human-centric organization. It should regularly gather feedback from team members on their performance and the company’s goals.

Rather than just accepting feedback, leaders should actively seek it out. Having a system that allows team members to participate can help them improve their performance. By using the feedback, you can also show that you value their ideas.

Give Back

Employees want to work for a company that values their contributions to the community. This can be done through regular giving back to the organizations that help people succeed in tech. Besides regular giving, employers can also provide their employees with opportunities to make a difference in the community. For instance, they can match donations made by their team members.

Lead with empathy

You should always have empathy at the center of everything you do. When you listen to concerns, celebrate mistakes, and show your team how much you care about them, it makes them feel valued and included in the organization.


A tech workplace should be human-centric, and it should focus on the people instead of the innovations. This will allow you to create an environment that will have the greatest impact on your team and organization.