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There isn’t a single company that’s never lost a client!

Each one handles it differently: some quickly begin hunting for new clients; others devote all of their resources to determining what went wrong and how to keep other clients from leaving. But what is the best method to deal with client churn? Read below to find out.

1. Focus on Your Best Clients

For many firms, addressing churn entails identifying a group of clients who are most likely to leave and refocusing attempts to keep them aboard.

Instead of focusing on retaining all of them, focus on the most profitable ones.

Bear in mind that the most important goal is not to reduce the churn, instead to maximize profits—and to focus on profitable clients is the best way to do so.

2. Communicate Pro-actively

Reaching out to your clients before they need you shows that you’re interested in assisting them in getting the most out of your service or product.

But not just any outreach will do. Your message or resource should be directly related to their service or product consumption.

For instance, if a client signs up for your service or product and you find that they aren’t using everything available to them, you may send them a polite push.

3. Create A Plan for Your Prospective Consumers

It can be challenging to get started with a new product or service. And if a client can’t figure out how to use your service or product right away, they’ll likely lose interest quickly.

To simplify the transition, create a new customer onboarding blueprint or process to assist new customers through your product’s functionality and features.

This method makes it easy to manage clients’ needs while giving you greater control over the rate at which new information is made available.

4. Give Them Incentives

Give clients a cause to stay by providing them with something exceptional, such as a discount, promotion, or loyalty program. This modest gesture can help you demonstrate to your existing consumers how much you appreciate their business.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding when to reveal these incentives. For example, consider the customer’s timeline. If they’re nearing the close of their contract and you’re fearful they won’t renew, offering a discounted renewal fee could be the incentive they need to stay.

That’s it! Four essential tips to retaining your clients. Be sure to follow them and watch your business grow.