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Effective leadership takes more than an authoritarian style. For most people, leadership is about hierarchy. It is where an individual will set objectives with little room for communication. There is more to leadership than bossing subordinates. As a leader, you need to work with your people to motivate them to follow your lead.

The following are tips that will help you make your team follow your lead:

Leading by Example

It should be the first thing you do as a leader. Once you lead by example, your employees will feel comfortable enough to work with you. Show your people what to do, and they will follow you all the way.

Respect Your Employees

Just because you’re a leader, it does not mean you get to mistreat your employees. Respect requires double effort where you give consideration and get it back. Respecting your people will make them trust you and get the inspiration to perform.

Be Easy When You’re Wrong

For some leaders, the thought of admission to failure or being wrong is unacceptable. It is because they assume it undermines their authority. However, by accepting that you are wrong, you get to connect deeper with your employees. They will have more respect for you. Also, it will make it easier for the employees to open to you when they face challenges.

Celebrate Achievement

The success of your people is your success too. You need to show appreciation once your subordinates perform beyond expectation. You can celebrate your people’s success through awards. Celebrating performance is a great motivating factor. It will encourage positive competition in the workplace.

Allow Room for Feedback

Communication is important in the workplace. As a leader, you need to encourage open communication. Your employees should freely share their ideas or feelings. Also, react to the feedback you get from your employees. It will be a great gesture once your employees know that their opinions matter. Communication should encourage criticism too. It is an opportunity for you to understand the effect of your leadership approach.

There are more ways to improve your leadership approach. The aforementioned are among the most crucial. They ensure that your team follows your leadership. Remember, as a leader, you need to provide a safe and open working environment for your employees.